Shelter Cove House

As seen on HGTV’s BfBH S28E6, The Shelter Cove Sea View House is a gem in the middle of the Lost Coast paradise with breathtaking views.

The other three HGTV houses were cropped out. I added what Shelter Cove House looks like furnished and shots from above via Google Earth.

The Sea View House is in the heart of Shelter Cove, CA. Shelter Cove is in Humboldt County on the coast just north of the Mendocino County border. The small town has a 9-hole golf course, air-strip, the Black Sands Beach, cafes, restaurants, Black Sands Beach, a fishing harbor, historic lighthouse, … all within walking distance. Shelter Cove also known as the gateway to the Lost Coast Trail. The Lost Coast is the largest coastal back-country trail network in the nation and the longest undeveloped coastline in the contiguous United States.

It’s hard to imagine how healing it is to breath the incredible air generated from being between 63.8 million square miles of Pacific Ocean and the 68,000 acres of The King Range (which rises up to 4,000 feet) / Lost Coast wilderness which includes some of the biggest and oldest trees trees in the Avenue of the Giants. Also, hard to capture in photos is the Milky Way above, where, especially on moonless nights, you see a sky filled with stars all the way down to the horizon. If you see four other people on the 20+ miles of Black Sands beach at sunset, then it’s “crowded”.

This site was created as a reference for family/friends or anyone interested in Shelter Cove, CA. We love the local people and businesses and are happy to support them with references from this site. Information can be found through the links above. If you have comments, suggestions or corrections, please contact us.
Note, The Inn of the Lost Coast also has a fairly comprehensive overview of Shelter Cove.

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Shelter Cove Volunteer Fire Department 9126 Shelter Cove Road Whitethorn, CA 95589 707-986-7507

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