Checklist for Shelter Cove House on Sea View

For now, we’d be grateful if you do these things. Once we’ve chosen a cleaning service we can work out an option to pay them to take care of some things – even then, do lock all doors and windows and turn on security camera(s).

Pre-Flight / Drive and Arrival Checklist

  • GPS-App-Naviation: If you want to drive by GPS-App (Waze, Google Maps etc), load your path before you leave Redway. Your phone won’t have signal for most of the drive until you get to ShelterCove.
  • Fluids and Battery: Check you cars fluid levels and tires and bring a jumper cable, or, better yet, a jump-battery – this is not somewhere you want your car to break down as it’s fairly remote. You won’t be able to call AAA without cell service, and even if you could, it could be a long wait if you’re lucky enough to reach a tow-truck-driver willing to come down.
  • Electric Cars: If you drive an electric car, check the nearest charging station(s) and consider bringing a charger that can run of house power – there are no charging stations in Shelter Cove. To the north, there’s one in Fortuna, and to the South, there’s one in Willits.
  • Daylight: Plan to arrive before sunset for three reasons:
    1) In the winter, there can be black ice as you go over the top,
    2) you won’t want to miss the sunset,
    3) you don’t want to be driving down the long, narrow, winding road with steep drop-offs for the first time in the dark to discover a deer in your path…
    • Use lower gears for the steeper sections; you don’t want to burn out your brakes. There have been multiple occasions where people have pulled into the General Store parking lot on their with their brakes on fire.
    • Mind your Rear-View: While driving on Shelter Cove Road, mind your rear-view mirror. There are lots of mountain folk that know that road and love driving at speeds you’re not likely to be moving at. There are plenty of turnouts, and they’ll greatly appreciate it if you let them pass. It’s not advised to explore side roads off Shelter Cove Rd until you get to Upper Pacific Dr. (you are in the Emerald Triangle).
    • Food: Consider bringing you favorite perishables. The General store is pretty good, but limited and not within “walking” distance.
    • Bring Sheets and Towels: Especially if you plan a crack-of-dawn departure, consider bringing your own sheets to avoid needing to do a morning laundry cycle.
    • Consider what activities you may want to do/avoid ahead of time (e.g. bring hiking shoes and leave bathing suits at home – you don’t want to swim in most places due to steep drop-offs, strong rip-tides and sneaker waves – many have drowned here.
    • Trash: Have enough room in your car to cart out your own trash in case you don’t want to make a dump-run while you’re there.
    • Consider the weather and bring appropriate clothing. There are webcams at Shelter Cove, and if you want, I can send you a picture from the ocean facing camera from the house
    • Play golf? You may want to bring your own clubs we have one set, but they aren’t very high-end. Like to skateboard or scooter? You may want to bring your own helmet(s), wrist guards, …
    • You may need to turn on the water for the toilet in the upstairs/master bedroom toilet. We tend to turn it off on departure as it has leaked.
    • Please do unplug the indoor security camera(s) (on the counters of the main floor and by the projector on the 3rd floor). I’ll also turn off the outdoor ones remotely so they won’t keep triggering while you’re there.
    • With all the big windows facing south-west, you’ll rarely need heating. If you do, you may want to check with me if you have trouble starting the heating on the main floor.
    • BBQ’s please, please be prudent about using the BBQs as they are both close to the house and the yard may have very dry and very flammable grass.

Departure Checklist

Laundry and Bathrooms
– Until we’ve verified that the leaky toilet is fixed, please turn off the water for the upstairs/master-bedroom toilet.
– Strip beds and collect all used towels
– Ensure the are no running toilets
– Ensure there is no dripping faucet
– Ensure there is no standing water
– Ensure there is toilet paper in each bathroom
– Put all used sheets & towels to wash; then put them into dryer

Check Supplies:
– Check there still is toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, coffee, coffee filters, hand soap, dishwasher soap, laundry detergent (scent-less), trash bags, …
– If anything is out or low, please let us know.

Dirty Dishes
– Put all dirty cups, dishes and silverware into dishwasher and start

– Empty coffee filters and perishables from fridge
– Ensure there is still caffeinated and decaf coffee if not, replace it or let us know

Fridge and Food
– Wipe fridge shelves, kitchen and bath counters
– Freezable food into bags label, date, into freezer
– Take inventory photos of freezer, fridge, cabinets

– Vacuum on all levels, rooms and stairs and empty vacuum into trash

– Put all trash into well-sealed bags and into trash cans in garage or, preferably take with you or to dump – if going to the dump, beware, it’s quite small and you might drive right past it.

BBQs and Chairs
– Bring Charcoal BBQ, chairs, lawn chairs inside (so they won’t rust or disappear (gas grill can stay out back, but ensure gas valve is turned off)

Heaters, Heat Lamps, Lights
– Turn off all lights (except on timers – verify those are on)
– Turn heater/thermostat off in summer, and to lowest setting in winter

Security Cameras
– Ensure cameras on all three levels are plugged in/facing toward respective doors

As you leave
– Finial pass-through to ensure you’re not leaving personal items behind
– If you used the outside BBQ, please use the key to turn off the gas-vale and return the key to hanging on inside of back door as in picture below.
– Close, lock and test widows, sliding doors and doors. Note, windows that slide need to be all the way down for the lock to snap in place, the sliding doors have an addition safety by putting the round, wooden pole in place, and the back doors are locked if the tabs are in horizontal position – it does help to test from the outside to ensure they all closed and locked.
– Close all blinds
– Before driving away, check all outside doors (Front, sliding on deck and two back)
– Send us a text message so we can activate the cameras and alarm.

Thank you for leaving it as good as you’d like to find it.

Locked vs Unlocked Slide-Up/Down Windows

Unlocked WindowLocked Window