We fell in love the very first time we came down the mountain and Shelter Cove’s view unfolded before us. The connection continued to grow as we explored and met people. It is truly a gem on a lost coast whose magic only few know exists.

Our home on the cove fills us and our guests with tranquility and serenity.

Lost Coast - Where Forest meets ocean

Lost Coast

T’is my favorite place to be
Where forest meets the sea
What is this treasure trove? 
Known as the Shelter Cove

Where the waves kiss the sand
And the mighty redwoods stand
Where tides rise and fall
Next to mountains very tall

Amongst countless ancient trees
Gently swaying in the breeze
What a poetic thing
Pelicans on the wing

When morning breaks the dark
The seals begin to bark
Where whales in joy do breach
Next to a magical black beach

There’s nothing quite as terrific
As the expanse of the pacific
Black sands at your feet
Magnificent sunsets as a treat 

Behold the wondrous sight 
Of a star-filled sky at night
Let nature be your host
At this mysterious Lost Coast

– CD