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Visit Shelter Cove

For a first time visit to Shelter Cove, there a few things that might be good to think about beforehand…

  1. Accommodations: there are lots of options from hotels, to AirBnB, to camping…
  2. The drive down:
    – Plan ahead: Try to avoid driving down to the coast in the dark. That road, especially for the first time, is not something I’d recommend in the dark.
    – If cars come up fast from behind, look for a good turn-out – there are many. The locals know that road really well and will appreciate it if you don’t hold them up.
    – Use your lower gears/transmission to help slow your descent to reduce overheating and wear on your brakes.
    – If you have an electric car, check for the nearest, appropriate charging stations as there is none in Shelter Cove.
    – Check your vehicles fluid levels and bring a jumper cable or a jumper-battery as there is no service station in Shelter Cove.
    Download google maps and program your GPS in Garberville or Redway as most of the drive down is without cell service.
  3. Help and Advice: Bookmark the Facebook Shelter Cove Community page – the folks on it are informed and helpful.
  4. Food:
    Groceries: Consider bringing you favorite perishables. The General Store is great, but limited and not within easy “walking” distance. Or, buy things at Ray’s or Chautauqua Natural Foods in Garberville or Shop Smart in Redway. There’s also a limited selection at the campground Deli.
    Restaurants and Cafes: There are several options, but check the days anbd hours as they aren’t always open.
  5. Activities:
    Swimming: don’t go into/swim in the ocean except at the protected harbor at the south end. Those waves, steep banks and black sand make it easy to get in/swept in and hard to get out.
    Hiking: plan ahead and bring a printed tide-table – you don’t want to get caught between a rising tide and steep cliffs and you likely won’t have cell service. Also, download maps beforehand.
    Parks and Trails: there are lots of options in and around Shelter Cove/The Lost Coast
    Photography: There are many great opportunities for photography from mammals and birds to landscapes and sunsets – for inspiration see https://ShelterCoveHouse.com/Photos (The deer pics at/after sunset were taken from the golf course (around the 4th hole above the runway). If you approach the deer slowly and at an angle, they’re less likely to get spooked.)
    Night-time photography: Bring a tripod and read up about taking photos of the night sky (High ISO, long exposure, tripod, … e.g. at https://www.photographypls.com/nikon-d7200-night-photography-tips). On clear moonless nights, you’ll be able to see the Milky Way all the way down to the horizon since with some few homes there’s almost no ambient light polluting the sky. If you haven’t taken night sky shots, the camera won’t do it justice unless you plan ahead.
    Weather: check the forecast and local web-cams
    – More on Activities